Seniors around the country are striving to age in place, and that often means making some adjustments to live comfortably and access the rooms in their homes. But what happens when they leave that house with a desire to enter the homes of their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews?

If you’re hosting the holidays or welcoming seniors into your home throughout the year, are you confident it is accessible to your aging family and friends? Here are some short-term solutions to help meet their needs:

  1. Rent a temporary access system
    An easy to install aluminum ramp can make it possible for loved ones to enter your home safely. Pricing varies, but a quick Google search will give you that information. Some companies rent for as low as $25 for 24-hours and $75 for a week.
  2. Install temporary handrails
    Bathroom handrails are available for rent and for purchase. Some require installation into the wall, some adhere to the wall by suction, and others are free-standing and fit into place around the toilet stool.
  3. Assign human help and support
    Family members and friends are probably happy to assist, if you ask them. A helping hand, offered arm, or walker assistance for stability is often a welcomed gesture. If a senior is comfortable with bathroom assistance, help doesn’t have to end at the bathroom door. If they are not, getting them with access to grab bars will help.

If your parents, grandmother, and closest relatives are facing physical challenges as they age and they spend a lot of time in your home, you may want to consider some semi-permanent solutions. We have helped families decide what works best for them and their home with:

  1. Home assessment and safety inspections
  2. Installation of small safety items, such as grab bars and non-skid tread
  3. Permanent ramps
  4. Lift systems for multi-level living - elevators and chair, rail and portable lifts
  5. Product selection
  6. Furniture and cabinetry design
  7. Interior and exterior home design
  8. Full construction and building plans
  9. Accessible Accessories – adjustable cook top and countertop, pull-down shelves, and more
  10. Construction and remodeling services
  11. Home additions

​Access Design was founded to support the increasing demand for Universal and Accessible Design. With over 25-years of experience in the remodeling industry and an impassioned desire to provide this service, we welcome the opportunity to consult, assess, guide, and provide design/build services.